Up (the hill), Over (the hill), and In (to the office) – so went the run commute this morning.

As I mentioned yesterday, the plan for Monday and Tuesday was to get about 10K in both days. The Monday turned up a little short after a very long day in the office but this morning I was sure that I could get the distance in without being too stressed. It turns out that I didn’t sleep well at all but, even so, I rolled out of bed to get ready when my alarm buzzed and headed off to get my exercise in before the work day got started.

The direct route into the office that I use when I drop the Ultraboy at the bus in the morning is between four and I’ve kilometers. To get my commute out to about ten kilometers I either need to run past work and circle back, or run away from the office and then turn to head back where I need to be. Not wanting to run with a headlamp this morning, I figured I would go with the second option which meant I could stick to the well lit roads and paths in the city proper. My choice, then, was between heading down the river and back again on mainly flat roads, or to head up to Croix Rousse and get a little bit of elevation in early.

I went with the latter.

The start up the hill was consistent, I guess. I wasn’t going all out as I moved up through the Jardin des Plantes, up the Pentes, and then topped out on the eastern side of the Croix Rousse. I took a turn just before the top to weave through the streets and make my way back down to the Rhone river, and then crossed over for the straight shot along the berges towards the office.

I saw a few other runners out which was encouraging because, despite the low temperatures (0°C to 1°C), it seems people are getting out and about. At one point I passed one guy who seemed to be saying something to me and so I pulled out my earbud to hear the question, “How far are you running this morning?”.

That’s strange because (a) I didn’t know the guy, and (b) it was in English and this is France, but I told him I would do about 10K and he wished me a good morning. I said the same, and continued on, but it was a little strange to hear that before 6:30am, I can tell you.

I closed things out at a bakery close to the office where I grabbed a warm croissant and then headed to work for a shower and to get warm. I’d been aiming for 20K in the first two days of the week, and I had ended up with 19K instead. Not bad considering the weekend running I did, and a nice way to keep the momentum going.

Distance: 10.3km
Elevation: 106m
Time: 52:24
Pace: 5:05/km