A little change…and not of the running kind!

Or sort of.

I’ve been working on improving my knowledge of WordPress and the whole website management side of things, or at least what I can manage to learn of it by myself. Cleaning up a few domain name issues the other night, I did a quick search and noticed that dylan.run was available as a domain name, and it was cheap. I bought it and thought I would do a quick redirect to my site…and then I had another idea.

What if I could transfer all of the running content over to dylan.run and keep dylankissane.com for something else?

Turns out there were a few steps to go through, but I managed.

Now while I don’t claim that my way of doing things is the best or the easiest, it does work (as you reading this might suggest) and that’s the main thing!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Buy the domain name
  2. Add it to my hosting account
  3. Add a certificate to make sure it was secure
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Customize the WordPress install with my preferred theme, plugins, and such things
  6. Export the content from DK.com
  7. Import the content into d.run
  8. Fix the minor issues with the import (mainly related to internal links to DK.com…)
  9. Strip the DK.com site back to a single page with a couple of buttons (check it out)
  10. Write this blog post!

Now some of those steps are 30 seconds long (buy the domain!) and others took well over an hour (stripping back the other site + the design there) but I managed it all in a couple of hours of work. I didn’t do it without seeking out help along the way (thanks, Elegant Themes Knowledge Base, Namecheap knowledge base, and a couple of cPanel how-to guides) but I did manage to do it all by myself.

And I’m quite proud of that.

Now this little corner of the web is unlikely to be found by many people, and there’s a lot less SEO juice in it that the DK.com site and its long site history. Still, the name fits and I like the idea of having all the running stuff here while leaving DK.com for other things. Yeah, yeah, it’s a lot of inside baseball, but I feel a little smarter tonight compared to the start of the week and I wanted to share – hence this post!

And don’t worry – I’ll be back to the running tomorrow.