I am not in at work early this morning. Instead, I’m working from home for a couple of hours before a medical appointment and then heading in to the office after that. The good thing about this slower start is that I could get out of bed at a reasonable hour (well, 5:00am but without feeling rushed!) and head out for a run that wasn’t quite as fast as what I might feel like I am forced to do to make it to the office, into the shower, and to my desk on time. Cutting out that commute makes things a lot more relaxed, and it meant I could enjoy the time on my feet this morning a little more.

We had snow here in Lyon yesterday and while there were a couple of snowflakes still falling on the Croix Rousse this morning, it was nothing compared to the heavier snow we got yesterday morning. Mostly it had melted away by the time I headed out from home and up to the Croix Rousse, but when I had threaded my way through the streets to Cuire and hit the hillside trails on the way to the river, I was happily surprised to find some remnants of the snow still lying on the trail.

I would my way down to the bottom of the trail and the hill, cut across the face to another climb up, and snapped a couple of pictures of the snowy trails along the way. At the top, I headed back towards Lyon proper and took in a couple of side streets, a wrong turn or two that led me to dead ends, and a couple of different descents that would eventually take me to the side of the river Saone.

A straight shot along the river back to the city center as all that was left, and I clicked stop on the Garmin near Terreaux before walking the last couple of hundred meters back to the apartment with Greg Gutfeld’s podcast in my ears and a small on my face. It was a good start to the morning and I was feeling very relaxed heading into another day at work.

Distance: 10km
Elevation: 214m
Time: 57:29
Pace: 5:45/km