A short run today after a good day at work.

A little while back my team working on a submission to an award program, with the first selection by the jury narrowing the field to four finalists. Today the four finalists appeared in front of the jury to present their pitch, and a couple of hours later my team and I, plus the CEO? where there to see us announced as the regional winners! Great day, great feeling, and now we’re off to the national final in March where we’ll be one of eight fighting it out for the big prize.

The run was a pretty simple one, in the end. I made my way out of the office and along the Rhone heading towards the Ultraboy’s fencing club where I had to collect him at 6:00pm. It’s not a long run and I am never under a lot fo time stress unless I am late leaving the office which today I was not. I turned the legs over quickly enough, stopped to snap a picture of the slowly setting sun over the river, and then closed things out in the sixth arrondissement so I could grab a couple of things from the corner store before collecting the Ultraboy.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeazy – now on to the weekend!

Distance: 5.4km
Elevation: 19m
Time: 25:34
Pace: 4:44/km