A great afternoon with the Ultraboy out of the city, in the snow, and throwing snowballs at each other. 

It was a great hike and we had fun starting near the Mont Thou and then descending down towards Saint Romain. It wasn’t always easy and there were a few slips along the way, too, for both of us, but it was great fun and we enjoyed the fresh air. Of course, there were snowball fights and while I thought I would come out on top (experience and throwing power), the Ultraboy seemed to do better with his sneakiness and aim. 

Heading back into town, the Gilets Jaunes were protesting (again) and the police were fighting them in the street (again) and the tear gas was being deployed all over the place (again). Far better to be out of the city and in the snow, I reckon, than holed up in this city among the violence.

Distance: 7.3km
Elevation: 110m
Time: 1:45:07
Pace: 14:22/km