The Ultrawife’s`brother and his girlfriend were in town last night and staying the night. For some reason I thought that they would be leaving early and so I was up at 5:00am to get out the door and have the run done by 7:30am or so. Turns out I had it wrong and they were just as asleep when I got back as when I left, and it took another hour before they even woke up ahead of a day to be spent shopping in Lyon. Oh well, at least I was out the door and getting the run in early, right?

So what’s the big news in the title of this post? Well, the Ultrawife and I are having a baby, a new brother or sister (still to be confirmed which…) for the Ultraboy. The baby is due in August which more or less puts the Berlin Wall Race off the schedule for this year, and I’ll need to see if there is a way to defer that run until 2020. It probably also means I can look for another race to do in its stead…maybe another shot at the Ultratour du Leman which is in September? For now it is not clear, but considering the reason for the reassessment of the season, I don’t mind not knowing all that much.

This morning I set out to do about 20K but didn’t really want to do a lot of hills. I have Lurdunum coming up on Friday night and that is going to be very hilly, so I don’t really need the extra elevation just yet. Still, hills help break up the miles so I decided I would do at least a couple, starting off with the climb at Saint Foy to take me from there to the edge of the Old City.

The wind was fairly ripping along the river when I headed out and I was happy to make the turn out of the cold at Saint Foy to head back towards Lyon and something a little warmer. The false flat/descent back towards Lyon is always a nice couple of kilometers, and the fact that the road was blocked off for roadworks made it quiet, too. With nearly 10K done at this point, I had the choice of turning towards the city or turning left to head up the hill and maybe hit some other, less familiar streets. I took the additional climb, crested the top, and then turned towards Point du Jour and Tassin.

There were a couple of other runners out around here but not too many. The wind was getting rather cold and I had had a storm warning on my watch even before leaving. I didn’t have a rain jacket and didn’t expect the rain to arrive for a few more hours, but it did feel like the weather was getting ready to change. I had on the latest Ten Junk Miles long run – and at more than four hours (!!) for a podcast it is definitely a long run – and was enjoying the talk of winter ultra running even if it is not something that I would ever really get into. 

Near Tassin I turned towards Vaise and tried to make my way in the right general direction. I had to stop a couple of times for traffic lights and, each time, I checked my position on the map and ensured I didn’t get too lost. I eventually dropped onto the right road, headed for the center of the ninth arrondissement, and then cut through Valmy with about 16K under my belt. I wanted to find another 4K and the run home directly would be about 3K…so I got creative.

I headed up the hill towards Fourviere and when the trail ended, would my way back down the hill again to the river. A skip away from home to a bridge, across the river, and then down onto the berges and I was heading home. With a few hundred meters to go I pulled back up to road level, ran past the market stalls and breathed in the fresh food and roasting chickens there, and turned down the final narrow street towards the Place des Jacobins. I was done, I was heading inside, and I was feeling good.

Distance: 20.4km
Elevation: 313m
Time: 1:48:29
Pace: 5:20/km